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Skapad: 2010-05-05

Salmon fishing trip to the North of Sweden

In summer 2009 three of my fly-fishing friends and myself were looking for a new destination to fish for Atlantic salmon. On the internet we found Neitigården Fly Fishing Camp in the North of Sweden. The camp is situated on the banks of Lainio River in the village of Lainio, about 100 km northeast of Kiruna airport, north of the Arctic Circle. From Kiruna it took us about an hour and a half drive to Lainio were we experienced a very warm welcome by our guides John and Peter Eriksson. The main building of their camp, a beautiful Swedish timber house, is situated in the village of Lainio right at the river. The camp offers a full lodge service including food, accommodation and guided fishing trips.  As we preferred self-catering accommodation we had booked one of the cabins belonging to the camp.

After a briefing about the river and the area and buying our fishing licenses at the camp, Peter and John showed us the way to our cabin which was situated across the river about 7 km downstream from the village. Arriving at our home for the week to come, we were stunned about the lovely log cabin in the middle of the forest, just 100 meters away from the riverbank. The water supply for the cabin comes from a spring in the forest and there is no other house or anything in the near area. Just the perfect place to fish and relax for a week!

The following morning we were met by Peter and John who showed us several lovely fishing spots on the river. The two guides really know the river well and they are for sure good company. The Lainio River is rather large compared to salmon rivers we had fished in the past in Ireland, Iceland and Russia and double handed fly rods are needed to properly fish this river. The first few days we fished by ourselves but due to the hot and sunny weather the fishing was hard. We caught a lot of grayling and small trout but no salmon. On our fourth day we arranged a guided fishing day with Peter and John and while we had not seen much salmon activity during the first three days they brought
us to a pool with lots of salmon in it. Before we started fishing into the night, the two guides made a little campfire on the riverbanks and cooked us a very delicious reindeer meal. And then, after three days of salmon fishing without success we finally landed two nice salmon to make our first fishing trip to Sweden complete.

We really enjoyed ourselves a lot and the Lainio River is a beautiful and remote wilderness river flowing through unspoiled nature. As in many other places in the world, catching an Atlantic salmon is not easy and the weather and water conditions have to be right. But we can definitely recommend Neitigården Fly Fishing Camp, their service was excellent and we will for sure go back there again for another try!

Should anyone have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at: martin.ziegler@bluewin.ch

Tight Lines!

Martin Ziegler, Switzerland